Some thoughts on Intimacy in Virus Time

One of my basic beliefs about humanity is that we crave an experience we share with another, or others, which we call intimacy. I also believe that as much as we crave it, we fear it and flee from it. Yes, I know, there is that small group within the mass of humanity who prefer […]

Thank you, Joseph.

Forty two years ago, give or take a month or so, I, an ever so slightly qualified psychotherapist, encountered my first clients, a Hispanic boy named Joseph and his mother. He had a serious school phobia, a condition about which I knew absolutely nothing. He spoke little or no English, nor did his mother. We […]

Crossing ‘The Line’ With Clients

We all have them, and our livelihoods depend on them- they are our clients (etymology– a client is one who ‘leans on another’) The client is one who has willingly created a paid dependency on another based on expertise that one does not have and which the other does. There is a line in this […]

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