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In Defense of ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Let’s talk about Ned. Ned was a business litigator, age 50. He had been an equity partner for fifteen years. His clients were big, really ...
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Jim Dolan Interview with Duffee + Eitzen on Maintaining Intimacy

Jim recently discussed the challenges of maintaining intimacy in relationships with Dallas law firm Duffee + Eitzen. Read the interview on the Duffee + Eitzen ...
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Why You Should Have an Executive Coach

You were moved into leadership because you are good at your job. Your reviews are always five out of five, or ten out of ten. ...
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How to Choose an Executive Coach

How to Choose the Right Executive Coach for You

Why do you need an executive coach? Executive career coaching is a powerful resource that can be crucial to conquering your career and personal goals. ...
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