Should you talk to someone?

You’ve thought about finding a therapist for a while. Something just keeps nagging away, something that hurts, but you can’t quite figure it out. You wish you could at least talk to someone.

A thick sheet of glass separates you from others. You cut short interactions because you fear your hurt will show.

A friend has been seeing a therapist, and you’ve seen her grow and change in just a few months. But, how to get away? Between time at the office, and the kids and home and… and… everything, how in the world are you supposed to come to a therapist’s office in the middle of the day? And, for that matter, in the evening as well?

There’s an answer to that problem.

You want a therapist without the hassle of driving to an office.

There could be several ways we found each other – but I’ll go out on a limb and guess it began with a Google search.

What matters is that you’ve decided it’s time for a deep look at your life.

I’m glad you have.

I’ve been doing remote therapy with people since the ‘80s.

It began sometime in the ‘80s – a long-time client moved away, but she wasn’t quite ready to terminate therapy or find a new therapist. She asked, ‘Could we try meeting over the phone?’ It was a new idea back then, but we gave it a try – and it worked. Since then, my remote work has grown to be a significant element in my daily mix.

Remote therapy, or what is called E-therapy nowadays, offers some unique opportunities. Sessions can be scheduled in non-traditional office hours. You are not limited to providers in your geographic area.

Therapy is portable. Many report a sense of a more direct relationship with the therapist. A session is 50 minutes, not 50+ minutes. Some clients have said they feel more comfortable in a remote setting, that it’s easier to discuss difficult topics.

Essentially, what we are doing is allowing technology to expand the possibilities of what can be done, which is what technology should do. FYI, we can use either voice or video, the choice is yours.

I have done it for so long I am totally comfortable with it. The question is, “Does remote therapy work for you?”

Only you can know if E-therapy is for you.

Whatever you decide, you will find that I will help you confront your dragon the same way I would if we were meeting in person, the only difference being that you will be in the comfort of your own private space.