More Crossing the Line: When You Get in Bed w/Clients…

When you get in bed with a client, you get screwed every time.

I can think of no better reason than this to stay on the right side of the line. Usually, when the topic of ‘dual relationships’ is discussed, there is a kind of moralizing, Just say no, Shame, Shame attitude that develops.

It’s wrong because it hurts people, but the professional service provider who crosses the line financially, sexually or in some other way, rarely if ever takes into account that he has now set him/herself up for some very serious counter-exploitation.

The client is now someone who expects special treatment, because of a privileged position with the doctor/lawyer/adviser. The client may indeed be somebody with criminal intent, who laid a trap for the provider, and now is ready to go about extracting what he came for.

An example would be the lawyer who, under threat of the loss of significant business from a high $$ client, looked the other way while that client committed serious white collar crime. And was then turned in by his erstwhile client when he got busted, and the lawyer wound up doing Federal time for his trouble.

When you get in bed with a client….

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