Some Thoughts on Leadership

For many years now, I have had the opportunity to help those in positions of leadership/management confront the challenges of what is one of the most difficult jobs in business and corporate life. That is, leadership. Very few are natural, fully formed leaders at the outset. There was ever only one Alexander the Great. The […]

In Defense of ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Let’s talk about Ned. Ned was a business litigator, age 50. He had been an equity partner for fifteen years. His clients were big, really BIG national, international corporations. He was a top performer at the firm, earning fat bonuses year after year. He was invited to speak at conferences nationwide. Ned really had it […]

Why You Should Have an Executive Coach

You were moved into leadership because you are good at your job. Your reviews are always five out of five, or ten out of ten. Because of your skills, you are highly thought of by your peers. It was inevitable that you’d be moved to leadership. And that is where the challenges start. Your peers […]

How to Choose the Right Executive Coach for You

How to Choose an Executive Coach

Why do you need an executive coach? Executive career coaching is a powerful resource that can be crucial to conquering your career and personal goals. It’s all about getting clarity and gaining confidence in yourself to achieve. The right executive coach can ignite the spark to improve your life and thrive in business. In today’s […]

Some thoughts on Intimacy in Virus Time

One of my basic beliefs about humanity is that we crave an experience we share with another, or others, which we call intimacy. I also believe that as much as we crave it, we fear it and flee from it. Yes, I know, there is that small group within the mass of humanity who prefer […]

Thank you, Joseph.

Forty two years ago, give or take a month or so, I, an ever so slightly qualified psychotherapist, encountered my first clients, a Hispanic boy named Joseph and his mother. He had a serious school phobia, a condition about which I knew absolutely nothing. He spoke little or no English, nor did his mother. We […]

What is Honesty?

Is any human being ever completely honest? Is it within human capability to be ‘completely honest’? That is, to leave nothing out, and add nothing in? The lie is an attempt to create an advantage for oneself in the world. We lie actively by communicating that we possess something that the other wants, or don’t […]

Further Developments in Business Development

Business Development: Part I Business Development Part II When we left off in june, we were discussing business development, and i plan to continue here today. the last topic touched on had to do with how to react after you have done the following: 1-scheduled a meeting with a prospect 2-gathered information on what services that […]

Business Development : Part II

Business Development Part I So, you’ve made your list of existing business, made appointments to get together with those who are inactive, have done research on their companies and latest developments in their industries, have sat down and made direct, personal contact with them, informed them of what you’ve been learning about upcoming changes and […]

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