What is Business Development?

Some answers: “It’s something you do when you don’t have anything else to do-like surf your auctions on ebay, or update your facebook account”. “It’s something that some people are really good at, and some aren’t.” (if this is anything like your answer, you are probably also secretly relieved that you are not like the […]

More Crossing the Line: When You Get in Bed w/Clients…

When you get in bed with a client, you get screwed every time. I can think of no better reason than this to stay on the right side of the line. Usually, when the topic of ‘dual relationships’ is discussed, there is a kind of moralizing, Just say no, Shame, Shame attitude that develops. It’s […]

Crossing ‘The Line’ With Clients

We all have them, and our livelihoods depend on them- they are our clients (etymology– a client is one who ‘leans on another’) The client is one who has willingly created a paid dependency on another based on expertise that one does not have and which the other does. There is a line in this […]

The Stopping Point is the Starting Position

One Friday you were working on a detail section of an exit stair, your third of the past week and your fortieth of your architectural career. You were trying to keep your head in the drawing, keeping your focus sharp, but you can’t help but feel the general sense of unrest in the office. Two […]

What is your true value?

Having recently experienced the suicide of someone close to me, I am mindful of certain things. I will not speculate on his motives–who can know what passes through the mind of the suicidal in those last few moments when there is still time to rescue an entire future, and spare family and friends enormous suffering? […]

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